Darkreading.com describes how Chinese Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actors have been infiltrating data from government and military targets in Southeast Asia, Africa and Middle East.

“Operation Diplomatic Specter, a brazen espionage campaign¬†described in a new report¬†by Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42, targets ministries of foreign affairs, military entities, embassies, and more, in at least seven countries on three continents. Its goal is to obtain classified and otherwise sensitive information about geopolitical conflicts, diplomatic and economic missions, military operations, political meetings and summits, high-ranking politicians and military personnel, and, most of all, embassies and foreign affairs ministries.”

As per Assaf Dahan, director of Cortex threat research at Palo Alto Networks, “We see organizations from all over the world that don’t practice good cyber hygiene, and they leave huge windows for hackers to walk in,” he says. “[You need] all the layers of security that you can get: good network monitoring, detection and response, cloud email solutions.

“Once you’ve put up enough fences, it’s really making it harder for bad actors to waltz into your network.”

Source: Darkreading