OpenAI COO Brad Lightcap has said that ChatGPT will be ‘Laugably Bad’ in 12 months time, highlighting the speed at which the technology is progressing. He made this comment at the 27th annual Milken Institute Global Conference.

“We think we’re going to move toward a world where they’re much more capable.”

Lightcap says large language models, which people use to help do their jobs and meet their personal goals, will soon be able to take on “more complex work.”

In light of his predictions, Lightcap acknowledges that it can be tough for people to “really understand” and “internalize” what a world with robot assistants would look like.

But in the next decade, the COO believes talking to an AI like you would with a friend, teammate, or project collaborator will be the new norm.

“I think that’s a profound shift that we haven’t quite grasped,” he said, referring to his 10-year forecast.

“The thing that actually concerns me is that we don’t adopt [AI] fast enough,” he added. “We are an economy where real GDP growth is not as high as it needs to be. There are massive areas in the economy that are ripe for the type of benefits I think this technology could bring.”

Source: PCMag, Yahoo News